DONG BANG GROUP of companies began with the establishment of Dong Bang Textiles Ltd., at Chittagong, in 1997.

Since then the group has expanded substantially to become one of the largest group in textile/dyeing & Garments sector in Bangladesh with 14,000 employees and an annual turnover US$ 200 million. The main focus of this carefully designed expansion

 has been added stability to our business obligations and win customer confidence in product quality, reliability

and competent. This approach towards process and growth is visible in Dong Bang Group's enormous success in

all of its undertaking to date.


Our group's management guiding principle : "customer above all, quality first" is the invariable principle of

group : the cause of group going in forever satisfying the requirement and expectation of customer : the

 promises for customer is high quality and pure-heated Service : the headspring permanent develop is

progress and innovation of technology.



Supporting the modern Machinery and latest management systems is a team of highly capable, qualified and

experienced individuals in all the relevant fields. Inspired by the dynamic leadership of the management of

the company, this team of competent professionals are filled with zeal and dedication to leave no stone

 unturned for achievement of their common goal- complete customer's satisfaction!

Today one needs to be extra careful in textiles & garments sectors in terms of integrity, quality, service

 and seed keeping the overhead at controlled level. Creating to those factors will equip globalization and

face challenges of quota free world. We believe that our group is the best that can be your trusted partner

 to win this challenge.

Competency, discipline and teamwork are the key words in group's entire operation right from the beginning

of analytical control of raw materials to the last stage of production in order to fulfill the evolving expectations

of customers. The group strives to delight its customers by continuously improving the quality of products

 and services through : development and involvement of employees and vendors and continuous

up-gradation of technology, process and system.     



Dong Bang group for better management, greater development and reasonable commitment.

Customer's satisfaction is our commitment. Our motto is to offer best quality product,

competitive price & on time delivery. 


Dong Bang is committed to fulfill the reliability that buyer needs, the attention and services

that buyers deserve and the quality that they expect. Assuring our best service at all times.


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